Angelic Mala

A Mala is the name given to a Tibetan prayer garland.


Our very own Urban Angel Angelic Mala is specially hand crafted in wood and is now available in cherry wood and a choice of colours

It is designed to be hung in your home or workplace, to fill your life with harmony and peace, You can choose your own coloured gemstone and Mala to match.

Each Agate gemstone has beautiful striations of colour and Agates are said to help balance energy.  The Mala works within the energy of the room/area it is placed, said to instill peace and calm, wrapping those in the room within a hug of healing energy, and each piece is infused with Reiki.

A beautiful gift for anyone going through any type of disharmony or stress feeling that they just need some kind of balance, clarity and stability in their life.

Angelic Mala