Crystal Angel Wishes

Our beautiful and popular Crystal Angels are individually handmade using Swarovski Crystals for the head and body. Hand tied with a silk ribbon. Also supplied with elastic to use to hook around a car rearview mirror.

Swarovski Crystals contain Quartz crystal particles which can be programmed for any purpose, so if you hold the Angel in your left hand and think of your wish, your Angel will be infused with what ever it is you desire

Every time you connect with your Crystal Angel, it will bring you nearer to your wish

Sunset Crystal Angel Wishes

Swarovski Crystal Angel 'Rainbow' catches the light and shows an abundance of colours

Hematite Angels

Lovingly handmade these pretty angels make a beautiful gift for someone who needs a guardian angel in their life and come with a little poem on a card as an extra special touch

Hematite is a very protective and grounding gemstone helping to dissolve negativity

Hang them in the car on the rear view mirror or anywhere that angel can be seen or keep them with you as your Guardian Angel

Little Angel on Silk Ribbon

Little Angel on Silk Ribbon


Angel Souls

Our lovely Angel Souls make the perfect gift.  They are handmade with gemstone heads and each gemstone has its own special meaning.


We have given them titles to reflect these meanings, so you can choose which Angel most suits 

your feelings and emotions, which one you are most drawn too or which one you think best suits a loved one or friend. 


They come with the ‘Special Angel’ verse, and the meaning of the gemstone in a pretty voile bag.   


Hang them around the home, on mirrors, pictures, door handles and they look 

beautiful on the rear view car mirror.  Bring positive energy into your space or the space of a loved one or friend.


Chosen by you, made especially for you. 

Angel Soul - Angel of Love

Large Hanging Angels

Intricate work is involved in the making of these stunning larger hanging angels carved from wood

Angelina fibres are blended then made into the fabric. These beautiful fibres create the most stunning colours, the Angels are finished with glitter to give a magical sparkling effect.

You can personalise your own angel with one or two colours of your choice

These are also available mounted or framed as a picture

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