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Welcome to Urban Angel Gifts!

Our happiness is seeing you happy!  If there's anything we can help you with please do get in touch.

Our Jewellery is hand crafted in Northumberland, not only to look beautiful in a variety of attractive styles, but most pieces include semi precious gemstones which have a therapeutic effect on the wearer, they are made alongside sterling silver & rose gold.


All gemstone pieces are infused with Angelic Reiki.  Giving them a special quality and energy.


Gemstones are said to correspond with a persons’ energy centres, known as Chakras.  We have chosen seven main Gemstones which work in harmony with these energy centres, pick your colour and find out where your energy needs balancing!

Urban Angel Gifts is delighted to support
The Graham Wylie Foundation

The Graham Wylie Foundation is set up with the charity commission to make grants to local charities.


The grants help groups of children and young people in challenging and vulnerable circumstances.


The Foundation is one of a rare few charities anywhere in the world to hand 100% of donations to deserving causes.