It all started...



I'm Anne Fenwick, founder of Urban Angel Gifts.   


I started my own Therapy business, Urban Angel Therapies in Gosforth, back in 1996 and it has continued to grow and flourish.


As a Physical Therapist, I specialise in Remedial Massage and Holistic Therapies including Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Reflexology.


Urban Angel Gifts started In January 2014 when  I began to source just a few natural items such as my own Signature natural soy wax fragranced candles and gifts inspired by Angels.


Sue Macdonald joined Urban Angel Gifts in September 2014 and together we started to design and make jewellery pieces with crystal gemstones and sterling silver.

Our collections of jewellery are just another way of using crystals. So as you are wearing our jewellery, the crystals are working with your own energy field to help balance your energies as well as wearing a beautiful and unique handmade design.

Jewellery that not only looks good but makes you feel good too!

I live in Gosforth very close to my practice with my daughter, Laura and our dogs Toby and Izzy