Crystal Tips

Magical Meanings of Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is said to have the warmth and strength of the sun inside of it. It is felt to protect the holder from the ill wishes of others when carried as a protective talisman. Tigers Eye can help bring out our creative flare as well as bringing clarity to the mind. It can also boost your energy levels and lift your mood. Carry or wear Tigers Eye when you want to boost your willpower.

It is also believed to balance and harmonise your home as well as alleviating symptoms of hayfever when the pollen count is high.

Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Carry Pyrite in your pocket to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger. Pyrite also promotes good physical health and emotional well-being. 
Traditionally, Pyrite is known as a stone of luck, helping to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user, via its creative energies of manifestation, and its encouragement of following one's dreams

Calcite is a good stone for meditation. It is said to be helpful for the treatment of stress and anxiety, I.B.S., eczema and warts. It also improves memory and concentration. Calcite is thought to increase your intuition and encourages astral travel during meditation. Calcite encourages growth in small children and is also recommended for hyperactivity (A.D.H.D.). Orange calcite is a good choice for any kind of emotional or bowel issues and works well on the Sacral Chakra.

Garnet is an excellent grounding stone. It is also good for thyroid, poor circulation, infertility, lactose intolerance, depression and IBS. It is said to boost energy levels and is a good stone for manifestation and cosmic ordering. It is also the stone of love and romance.  

Keep some Garnet under your pillow to spice up your love life. Wear it as abracelet or pendant to attract love and romance in your life.  

Clear quartz is known as the Master Healer and can really be used for any condition. It is a good crystal for meditation and strengthening spiritual connection. It is especially good for avoiding colds and flu during those winter months. It is also thought to be good for Lupus disease, M.E., Concentration and decision making so would make a great study aid. Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier and raises your spiritual connection and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. 


Hold a piece of clear quartz for 5 to 10 minutes in your hand when you need to clear your head and think clearly. For exams and study time, place something of clear quartz on your desk so that the energies release themselves into your aura.  

 Moonstone is a milky coloured stone and is the essential female stone. It balances hormones, thus helping P.M.T., menopausal symptoms, birth, oedema, pre-eclampsia and is also useful in preparation for a new pregnancy following miscarriage. Moonstone will also develop your psychic perception and clairvoyance skills. It is thought to be useful for mastitis and lactation in breast feeding mothers. Whilst Rainbow Moonstone carries all the above features, it is also thought to be a magical stone with the power to grant wishes, making it a good choice for your cosmic ordering. It is also thought to be good for insomnia as it is linked to the moon. Moonstone is a brilliant stone for balancing female energies or for bringing out the female side in the male. 

To ease PMS or PMT, sit in a quiet space about a week or so before your period is due and place a moonstone on either side of your pelvis. Then carry or wear Moonstone with you. to access it's energies.

Labradorite is considered to be the stone of transformation. It is good for protecting the aura & spiritual growth as it strengthens the spiritual connection and psychic awareness encouraging you to connect with your intuition. It is good for P.M.T., gall bladder problems, pre-eclampsia, stress, vertigo, hypertension and gout. It is also said to be helpful for eye issues, rheumatism and is good for regulating metabolism. 

Merlinite is a truly magical stone which is said to hold the secrets of shamans, magicians and other magic workers to attract magical occurrences into your life.  

Merlinite can also be used to heal past lives bringing harmony and peace to this lifetime. It is a good stone for those wanting to develop their intuition and helps to balance the yin yang energies. Good stone for journeying either in the physical or meditative sense. It promotes self love, self belief and self forgiveness. We all need a little magic to happen at times so attract it by wearing or carrying Merlinite with you.


Opalite is a white stone with a blue tinge to it when turned to the light. It is known as 'The Stone of Angels' and encourages angelic connections. It is also good for diabetes, mood swings and fights fatigue and infection. Opalite is also thought to be beneficial for business growth and financial wealth. It is thought to protect the newborn infant so would be a good choice of gift to welcome a new baby. 

Wear or Carry Opalite to combat tiredness and fatigue. Place under the pillow to assist with sleep. 

Citrine is a lovely golden yellow colour and is known as 'The Merchants Stone' as it attracts financial wealth. It is also good for constipation, thyroid issues, bladder infections, diabetes, the female menopause and is said to also aid with digestion.  

Citrine has the ability to absorb, transmute, dissipate and ground negative energy so never needs cleansing making it an excellent choice to protect your environment. 

Hematite is sometimes known as the stone of the mind. It is an excellent grounding stone and is exceptionally good for anaemia as it stimulates the absorption of iron. It is also thought to be good for O.C.D., anxiety, leg cramps, Reynaud's Disease and poor circulation. It helps you organize the mind so is good for anyone who has to do mathematics. Hematite is also thought to be good for insomnia and spinal alignment and can be used to cool fevers when given as an elixir. 

Carry hematite with you at all times if you are prone to muscle cramp. 

Mookite is the stone of the here and now. It can help you accept change as it occurs. Mookite protects and guards your emotions so is good for anyone who has been emotionally hurt. It stabilizes health and boosts the immune system. Mookite is a good stone for depression, building your self esteem as well as removing fear of the future. It provides a positive outlook promoting optimism at its highest level. 

Wear or carry Mookite if you are a natural worrier, it will encourage you to accept what you cannot change and work on what you can. 

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink healing stone and is known as the stone of unconditional love. It both attracts love to those who carry or wear it and teaches self love. It is said to be good for asthma, infertility, reducing swelling, hypertension, bruises and sciatica. Rose Quartz calms and heals the mind, allowing you to let go of worry and fear. It is good for healing old emotional wounds and prepares you for future love.  Carry or wear to improve lung capacity. 

Smooth Out Wrinkles

Dalmatian Jasper encourages loyalty and so is beneficial for long term relationships. It aids in psychic development and is a supreme nurturer. It is good for depression, I.BS.., thrush, cystitis, stomach issues, constipation and gall bladder problems. It is a stone thought to produce tissue regeneration and so would be a good choice for anti aging. Dalmatian Jasper also provides a calming effect on animals. 

Take one small tumblestone in Dalmatian Jasper and using upward strokes smooth away those early signs of ageing that none of us like to admit to.. 

Keeping Healthy the Whole Year.

Amber has been used for centuries as a general curative and makes an excellent elixir for wound healing. It also strengthens the memory and intellect and so is a good choice for those of us who are of menopausal age. Amber is also a natural analgesic and possesses anti inflammatory properties making this stone just the best option to see us through the whole year ahead. Try wearing it as a bracelet or put it under your pillow at night.
Put a piece of amber into a jug of spring water and leave overnight on a windowsill. Put the water back into a small bottle the next morning and sip throughout the day to stay healthy throughout the whole year.

How to clean your crystals

There are many ways to clean your crystals. Here are the ones we recommend.

Water : Run your crystals under running water and visualise any built up negative energy washing away down the sink. Ensure you visualise it turning back into positive as it hits the earth. (Please be mindful that some crystals are water soluble).

Smoke : Pass your crystals through incense or white sage.

Earth : Bury them in mother earth but remember to use a maker to remind you where they are!.

Sea : If you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean, you can wash them in the sea.

Breath : Use your breath and blow positive energy into them.

Keep an Apophyllite crystal amongst your crystals to help keep them free of negative energies.

Making sure you have enough energy for the day ahead.

When you know you have a busy day the next day, put some Red Jasper under your pillow so that you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the day ahead.

Using crystals to get your motivation back.

We all sometimes need a little help to get motivated. To help you get organised try wearing a Labradorite bracelet and if you need a bit of energy to get you motivated try wearing or carrying a Carnelian.

Using crystals to increase your energy levels.

We all have times in our lives where we feel tired, drained and lacking in energy. As a quick fix you could try wearing Red Jasper, Orange Calcite, Opalite and Carnelian either as individual bracelets or combinations in one.

Using crystals to relieve stress and anxiety.

To relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, hold a Lapis Lazuli crystal during stressful times allowing all your worries to enter the stone you are holding.

Remember to cleanse the stones after your session.

Balance and regulate your metabolism.

Balance and regulate your metabolism with Labradorite which is considered to be the stone of transformation. It is good for protecting the aura and spiritual growth as it strengthens the spiritual connection and psychic awareness encouraging you to connect with your intuition.

De-clutter your mind.

Red Jasper is the supreme nurturer and encourage spiritual development at a gentle rate. It can alleviate stress when placed under your pillow. Keeping Red Jasper near will help you to de-clutter your mind and your life allowing you to become more organised in your thoughts and daily life.

Connect into your own intuition.

Aventurine is a warm green, gentle healing stone that stimulates psychic perception. It is a very calming crystal and acts like a comfort blanket when you need to feel secure and loved.

Wearing or carrying Aventurine will help you to listen to your intuition, your inner wisdom and your psychic perception or just to help you feel calm.


Reach for the stars.

Goldstone (or Starstone) promotes optimism and personal growth and is sometimes thought of as the Stone of Ambition. It helps us to believe in our dreams and to reach for the stars. Goldstone opens us up to new opprtunities so carry or wear Goldstone when you want to achieve your dreams and reach for the stars!.

Good luck!

New Jade is well known for it's pale green colour and it is thought to be a very lucky stone. Many believe that it not only attracts good luck but also financial wealth.

Why not try wearing Jade as a bracelet for good luck!

Energy Blocks!

Energy blocks can stop you moving forward in life and stop you achieving your goals. Hold Smokey Quartz in your hands, close your eyes and visualise the energy flowing around you freely. Wearing or carrying Smokey Quartz will gently melt any energy blocks, allowing you to move forward and achieve your goals.

Avoid conflict.

If you are someone who wishes to avoid conflict then wear Amazonite. It may also help in addressing the problem as when an issue is concealed, ignored or avoided it will fester and could lead to ill health. Amazonite could help you see an issue from both sides.


Managing pain with crystals.

Pain management is a large part of day to day life for many of us. Here is a list of crystals that are beneficial for pain relief - Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Sodalite, Turquoise and Selenite. Wearing or carrying these crystals may help and bring some pain relief,

Remember that pain is a symptom and you must always trace what caused the pain first.

Removing anger from your aura.

Anger is a toxic emotion that can linger in the aura leaving a negative residue which if left for any length of time could lead to a physical ailment.
To remove anger and send it packing - place one piece of Blue Kyanite on the Third Eye Chakra and one Blue Kyanite on the Heart Chakra. Surround the Blue Kyanite on the Heart Chakra with four Rose Quartz .
If you receive Reiki treatments, send Reiki to the past to heal the situation that brought on the anger in the first place.

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