Angel Choices:

Zuriel (Angel of Harmony) with verse:

I have a Special Angel who’s always by my side

She whispers secret wishes, her wings are open wide

I love my Special Angel, she keeps me safe from harm

I’m giving you this Angel, your very own good luck charm


Raphael (Angel of Healing)

There are those Special Angels for whatever life brings forth

They wrap you in their wings of Love enraptured by their warmth

They see your sorrow and your pain but you will surely shine again

They guide you, wings shining bright and lead you back to Love & Light


Gabrielle (Angel of Dreams & Wishes) - no verse


Frame: We custom design and match the frame to each individual picture. Making each picture unique.


Colour Choices: You can choose one main colour (e.g. blue) or choose two colours (e.g. blue and pink) choose to match decor in your home or workspace or choose a loved one's favourite colours as a very special gift


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