Urban Angel Therapy Centre - Information

This Agreement includes Parking Permits for use within the grounds of the premises for each Therapist using the rooms within the Urban Angel Therapy Centre.  Spare Permits will be in each room to hand out to clients and must be handed back when they leave the premises.   Evenings and weekends will not be an issue, but if the car park is full, then there is  client parking around the perimeter of the buildings.

There will be a signing in/out book for Fire Regulation purposes this is really IMPORTANT and must be done by everyone and also when the last person leaves the building it is a check to ensure that the lights and any plug in radiators are turned off, doors are to be secured and closed, which automatically locks them.  

There is an intercom system available.  I would suggest that you ask your clients/patients to text you when they arrive and when they are at the door you can use the intercom button to buzz them in.  If the rooms are full and everyone has a clients then the buzzer will be non stop so I suggest this would be the best use to unlock the main door downstairs.

Allowing time in between clients allows for a smoother transition.


You can use Main Reception at the entrance to the building as a waiting area for your patients/clients.


Alternatively, you can always manage this by going downstairs with a permit for them and letting them in.

Door fobs are available for each Therapist.  There will be a £30 deposit for each Fob this deposit is refundable if you no longer require the use of the rooms.  The door Fobs allow entrance to the main building and to each room in our Centre only.

Therapists will be responsible for keeping the rooms used clean and tidy and disposing of waste in the bins and the rooms put back the way they were.

Therapists can provide their own literature for promotion, marketing advertising purposes.

Anne Fenwick shall provide and be responsible for the following:

A desk, chairs, massage table and where possible a cupboard/draws plus any additional chairs which may be needed.  

All maintenance shall be carried out by Anne Fenwick or contractors employed by her to ensure everything is in working order
The landing and waiting area will be available for advertising services as well as seating and literature for customers.  This area will be kept clean and tidy.  You can provide your own information to advertise your services and can use the Leaflet stands.

Anne Fenwick is responsible for testing all electrical equipment yearly by a PAT test which was currently up to date of April 2018.  This is due to be carried out again this April 2018, Anne Fenwick will let you know in advance when this is to be carried out so as not to cause any disruption in service.

It is necessary for all Therapists to have their own Public Liability Insurance and relevant qualifications, Anne Fenwick will need a copy of these to keep on file.